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Asia Theater&Film 2019 has been successfully held for 9 consecutive years, becoming the leading theater and cinema facilities and equipment exhibition in China. The show will showcase the latest in theater & cinema equipment, projection equipment for mobile theaters & cinemas, furniture & decorative materials, lighting & audio, Cameras, recordings, production and shooting equipment, VR theater and 3D-9D cinema devices, etc.

Exhibit scope:

  • Cameras, recordings, production and shooting equipment: cameras and lenses, rocker arms, handheld stabilizers, monitors, batteries, tripods, live broadcast technology, film and television special effects, post-editing systems, movies, record shooting effects, high-integration broadcast, virtual studio, live broadcast system, news production, media asset management, media operations, graphic creation system, 4K/HD nonlinear editing, network system Broadcasting system, educational recording and broadcasting, development education platform, video and audio service terminal;
  • Theater & cinema players: movie projector, digital film equipment, sound reproduction equipment, projection equipment, power amplifier, showing lens, xenon lamp, projection screen, stage curtain, AFC equipment, video glasses, etc;
  • Projection equipment for mobile theaters & cinemas: 3D/4D/5D/7D/9D mobile theater, 3D homecinema, car DVD, mobile stage vehicle, etc;
  • Furniture & decorative materials: theater & cinema design, cinema chair, auditorium chair, theater chair, row chair, sound absorption materials, decoration materials, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, fire fighting facilities, etc;
  • Professional lighting and audio: studio lighting, video lighting, professional lighting and audioequipment,LED, stage display, LED stage background, stage machinery, sound and light smokeeffects, speakers, PC audio system, transmission cable, 3D audio System, conference system, etc
  • Related services: leisure food machine (popcorn machine, popcorn insulation ark, cotton candy machine, hot dogs bowel machine), snack food, drinks, etc;
  • Others: film and television equipment rental, aerial drones, optical equipment, film and television bases, studios, film and television props, etc.